The Decentralized AI Ecosystem

Creating an open, fair and globally accessible AI ecosystem powered by the AIZ Token

AI is changing everything. Let's make it open and accessible for all.


AI Economy in 2023*


Estimated AI Economy in 2030*


Expect AI to transform their business in the next 3 years*


Empowering Participants in the Aizzy Ecosystem

Discover how AIZ is revolutionizing the way Users, Builders, and AI Model Operators interact within a fair, open and decentralized ecosystem.


Engage with cutting-edge AI technology to enhance your business, study and creative endevours


Create innovative AI applications using the best AI Models to address real-world challenges and earn revenue.


Connect your model to the ecosystem, train on real life use cases with the best Agent builders in the space, and monetize your model.


Experience a seamless and secure environment for AI collaboration and development.


Join a Global Community

Hundreds of thousands of users around the globe are elevating their business, study and creative endeavors with

Global Users and Counting
Users from 50+ countries

Unlock the Power of AIZ Token

Explore how the innovative economic structure of AIZ tokens not only fuel the ecosystem, but also provide incentives for all participants to shape a fair and forward-thinking AI economy.

Permissionless AI Creation Ecosystem

Join a vibrant community of builders and users to create and collaborate on AI projects.

Usage and Benefits

AIZ rewards builders of Agents and AI Models that are used by our community to enhance their business, study and creative endeavors.

Security and Transparency

Committed to enhancing security and data sovereignty from custom training data, to AI output.

Acquiring and Using AIZ

Acquiring AIZ is just the beginning. Use AIZ to access the best AI Agents, build, list and monetize your agents, or train your AI models on real life use cases.


Your Business

Discover the limitless possibilities of AI with Access all the AI talent your business needs to thrive and unlock new possibilities.


Create compelling content effortlessly, from blog posts to social media updates, with a tailored Copywriter AI that matches your brand's voice and product details, turning your ideas into captivating narratives.

Marketing Manager

Elevate your marketing AI. Connect with your target audience, boost sales with impactful initiatives, and explore new marketing avenues—while crafting comprehensive strategies for sustained success in minutes.

Customer Support

Create a custom Customer Support AI that matches your brand's tone, FAQs, and product details. Seamlessly integrating across customer channels, offer informative responses and effective troubleshooting.

Custom Agents

Build Custom Agents using the latest AI Models for anything your business needs. Train your agents on custom, private and secure data, and integrate them using API's into your existing business workflows


Your Study

Boost your learning with AI tutors personalized to your course material and skill level.

Personalized Tutor

Transform your learning experience with a Personalized Tutor AI, capable of being trained on your specific course materials. Designed to adapt to your learning level and style, it ensures you not only meet but exceed your educational goals.

Teacher's Assistant

Enhance your teaching toolkit with a Teacher's Assistant AI, adept at creating comprehensive lesson plans and tests tailored to various levels of student proficiency, from beginner to expert.

Any of your Subjects

Train your AI on your course material simply and easily. Whether a PDF, video or website, simply connect and start enhancing your teaching and study.


Build The Future

Build AI talent, share it on our marketplace, and enable community innovation—all while generating income for yourself.

The Best AI Models

Access a wide range of AI Models to build your next generation AI Agent

Simple and Powerful

Use to easily create your next AI Agent using our powerful agent builder and easy to use APIs

Fair Value is built on blockchain technology, ensuring your AI Agent earns you income from the Aizzy ecosystem

AI For All


Try for free and upgrade for all the AI super powers you need to elevate your business, study and creative endeavors

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3 agents per month
5 Chats with each Agent per Month
Limited AI Models
Try Aizzy
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or $59 yearly
Unlimited AI Agents
Unlimited Chats with Agents
Access the Best Models (GPT 4, Claude etc)
Build custom AI Agents
List Agents and monetize
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or $99 yearly
Unlimited Agents
Unlimited Chats with Agents
Access the best AI Models (GPT 4, Claude etc)
Build custom AI Agents
List Agents and monetize
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Open, Fair, and Decentralized Access to AI

Our mission is to make AI universally accessible, enabling everyone to create, learn, and build. We're building a decentralized ecosystem where the community drives innovation, value is fairly distributed, and the best AI Talent maximizes value for all.

Open. Fair. Decentralized.

Aizzy Ecosystem

Discover how Aizzy is building the future of globally accessible AI with the AIZ Token.

Platform Users

Unlock unparalleled AI talent to elevate your business, academic pursuits, and creative projects.


Craft AI agents using the best AI models and datasets, and earn as your creation thrives on the platform.


Integrate your AI model or data source, receive valuable training feedback from real users, and generate income with each AI API call.

Aizzy Token

The lifeblood of the Aizzy ecosystem, rewarding Builders, Operators, and the community with tangible rewards for platform engagement.

Holistic Approach to Security takes a holistic approach security, using encrypted communication channels and ensuring your data will never be used to train agents.

The AIZ Contract is written using ThirdWeb, and audited by 0xMacro.


Find answers to commonly asked questions about AIZ token, the ecosystem, and participation.

What is AIZ token?

AIZ token is the utility token that powers the ecosystem, enabling users, builders, and operators to participate and transact within the platform.

How does the ecosystem operate?

The ecosystem operates by bringing together users, builders, and operators, creating a collaborative environment for innovation and growth, with fair value exchanged to providers of Agents and Models to the ecosystem.

How do I participate?

You can participate in the Aizzy ecosystem in many ways, including as a user of AI solutions, as builder of customer AI Agents, as a provider of AI Models or unique data sets, and as a holder of AIZ and participant in the Aizzy community.

What can I use Aizzy Agents for?

Aizzy Agents are as varied and customizable as your individual needs. From copywriters to help draft blogs, marketing managers to create and execute on social media strategies, tutors trained on your course material, or customer support agents trained on your internal training manuals. The only limit is your creativity.

Where can I find out more about AIZ?

To find out more about the AIZ token, you can read our AIZ Token page, or for a complete breakdown of tokenomics you can go to our Docs linked below in the footer of the webpage